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Team Nebo Ridge is open to accept new members.

To join Team Nebo Ridge (TNR), select the Benefits section from the top menu and read about the values and culture of TNR, about the benefits (and obligations) of joining TNR, and then how to take the next step in joining TNR. For $85, you will become of member of one of the most vibrant USA Cycling grassroots cycling clubs in the country. TNR members are involved in all aspects of competitive cycling from road and crit racing to cyclocross racing, mountain bike racing, triathlons, gravel road and ultra CX racing, "challenge" rides of all sorts, to fun and friendly club training rides.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday CIBA Training Rides have Officially Started

The Tuesday and Thursday Training Rides have officially started.
These rides begin behind the Gray Goat Bicycle shop and rides start at 6:00 pm.
There are 4 groups (Race, A, B, and C) that leave the parking lot at staggered times based on ability and speed.
There are also 3 routes of 24, 27 and 31 miles that riders can choose to ride. These routes are marked and route maps are available on the CIBA website (Central Indiana Bicycling Association - Home ( to download onto your bike computers.
Also, please go to the CIBA website and digitally sign the online consent and liability release form ( prior to participation in these rides. This form only needs to be signed once and covers the rides for both Tuesday and Thursday.

There is also a Wednesday evening ride that starts in the parking lot of our sponsor Westfield Cyclesports at 6:00 pm. A separate consent and liability release form ( needs to be filled out prior to participating on the Westfield ride.
This ride has 2 groups that head out on a 30 mile route ( with the groups defined as:
A group: Race pace, categorized racers, average speed in excess of 22mph-this is a FAST group of experienced racers

B group: This is a recovery tempo ride designed to be friendly and enjoyable. The group rides together cooperatively with ONE hot zone and a regroup. The AVERAGE speed overall is between 19-20mph. While this is a friendly ride, it is NOT no drop. The route is marked, the roads are smooth and the group is fun.

Riders are welcome to join us for a post ride beer at our sponsor Grand Junction Brewery located across the street from Westfield Cyclosports.

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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

January 28th - Year End Party, Grand Junction Brewery, Westfield, IN

March 4th - Dirty South Roubaix, Alto Pass, IL

March 17th, 18th, 19th - Spring Camp Brown County (Tentative)


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