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Team Nebo Ridge Culture

Team Nebo Ridge is an amateur cycling team focused on encouraging the development of our riders and the enhancement of the sport. We welcome riders of all abilities and experience levels. Our goal is that all of our riders will learn to improve their fitness and their riding skills, leading to further enjoyment of the sport.


It should be emphasized that Team Nebo Ridge is indeed an amateur team. The word amateur is derived from the Latin root amare, which is ‘to love.’ The amateur nature of our team is emphasized, because we want to encourage people to enjoy the wonderful sport of cycling. We should ride for fun and fitness. Yes, we compete and we compete with intensity, but we will compete with integrity and we will be courteous to our fellow riders and competitors. We will ride hard, but fair.


We expect our riders to welcome others to the sport, to share their knowledge with those who are interested, and to help others when needed. We will not tolerate rude, wreckless, or? dangerous behavior. If another rider does something careless, instruction and correction should be given promptly, but politely. Treat others as you would like to be treated. Your fellow riders and competitors are also amateurs who love cycling as you do and they are human, so they (and you) will make mistakes. Please also extend these same courtesies to ride organizers and race officials.


Our team’s sponsors have donated thousands of dollars to support us. We need to be aware that our behavior can reflect on our sponsors. We are also seen as representatives for the sport of cycling within our community. As such, we need to adhere to traffic laws, respect other users of the roads and paths, and promote safe cycling whenever and wherever we can.


Cycling is a great sport. It is a great way to improve your fitness, challenge yourself to achieve new goals, learn more about yourself and the sport, enjoy the spirit of competition, make new friends, and enjoy the beauty of nature. Have fun and enjoy the sport and your team. You are part of a great group!

Membership Benefits and Responsibilities

Team Nebo Ridge (TNR) membership is only $85 per year. You will be rewarded many times over for your membership and participation.
Most importantly, members of Team Nebo Ridge find themselves involved in a vital and welcoming community of enthusiast and competitive cyclists with a common cause to create opportunities to safely ride and race more. Members of TNR enjoy ready access to regular and special TNR group rides, cycling events, training camps and trips, cycling-related clinics, and special team-only trips/arrangements for events and races (e.g. Ride Across INdiana, Dirty Kanza). TNR's members are always dreaming up and creating new, exciting and challenging rides and events and inviting their teammates to take part.
Although benefits may vary from year to year, other benefits include:
  • a free team jersey worth over $100 at retail,
  • access to team pricing for a wide variety of team clothing,
  • participation in a funded TNR participation/racing incentive program which rewards members with race/event entrant fee reimbursement and other rewards such as product sponsor special discounts or extra kit credits. Payout crieteria vary from year-to-year, but typically require continued membership in good standing and participation in a minimum number of select events and races. Criteria may include number of events or races entered or completed, duration of events or races completed, and results in races or timed events. The particulars for this program are presented every year at the Annual Members' Meeting.
We require the following of all members of Team Nebo Ridge:
  • Understand and adhere to our values respecting "Safety, Community, and Reputation,"
  • Wear their team jerseys or kits at rides and events around town,
  • Wear full kit in any USA Cycling race,
  • Race only for Team Nebo Ridge in any USA Cycling events,
  • Participate in at least two events on the TNR non-competitive cycling calendar (e.g. Hilly 100, Spring Camp, TNR's CIBA ride, etc.), and
  • Volunteer at one of our keystone races or events which we sponsor (Indy Crit, Harvest 50 gravel race, Traders' Point cyclocross race, or Frankfort Hot Dog ride).
We also strongly support and urge members to join both the Central Indiana Bicycling Association (CIBA) and USA Cycling.


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